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Las Labradas Petroglyphs

Located on a beautiful sandy beach only 35 miles north of Mazatlan, this archaeological site comprises a unique mantle of volcanic rocks that feature over two hundred drawings carved by ancient cultures dated as far back as 2,000 years B.C., known as one of the most ancient cultural expressions in northern Mexico, and the only petroglyph site on a beachside location in the Americas.

Las Labradas beach is located within one of Sinaloa’s biggest natural protected areas, the Meseta de cacaxtla, with over 50,000 hectares encompassing different ecosystems, particularly dry tropical forest and a rich diversity of wildlife.

This tour is a great option for avid bird watchers, as well as nature and culture enthusiasts! While exploring the Las Labradas site, your guide will share with you interesting facts about the origin and the messages behind the petroglyphs, which depict animals, people and other elements of nature composing the visions and beliefs of the native people many centuries past.

After exploring the site you will have time to enjoy a beautiful isolated pristine beach, take a splash, a long walk or simply relax. We will also have time to visit Las Labradas museum, with interesting exhibits about archaeological finding in the region and its natural history.

Duration approx 5 hours
$65 USD per person

Includes Mexican Lunch, bottled water & soft drinks

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Las Labradas Petroglyphs
Las Labradas Petroglyphs
$ 65 USD per person.
mazatlan van tours